Thank you for visiting AncasterChiropractor.com where you will find lots of information to assist you in the management of your health concern. It is my pleasure to serve and educate you about my unique approach to chiropractic care, and how I can assist you with your condition. My background in chiropractic, soft tissue techniques, medical acupuncture and rehabilitation allows me to use a multitude of therapies for the best possible outcomes. The focus of my practice is to optimize the relationship between the skeletal, muscular, and connective tissues for optimal function. My experience affords you a comprehensive and diversified approach to treating your condition. All patients are educated extensively about their condition and are given an “active care” program to assist them with their goals.


My philosophy is a “patient centered” approach.  My ultimate goal is to help you the patient, achieve your goal.  This is accomplished through the coordination of manual therapy, patient education and health promotion.  Every patient’s presentation is a unique case, and should be managed as such.  Every patient’s treatment plan is customized to suite their individual functional status and presentation.  It is my objective to improve your current condition, improve your functional capacity, and to prevent subsequent episodes from occurring.  This paradigm is applicable for people from all walks of life, whether you are an elite athlete or an elderly individual, this individualized approach is effective for patients of all ages.